Terms & Conditions

Ownership of www.tuedder.com and of any other extension of that domain

The current www.tuedder.com Website and any other extension of that domain that is duly registered (the “Website”, “TUEDDER”, “we”, “us”) is owned by the company TUEDDER, LIMITED, a company incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom with the number 9605098, with registered address at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, UNITED KINGDOM, hereinafter referred to as TUEDDER.

Operational management

The business operational management, namely the sales and invoicing operational management before the client, is developed by its subsidiary TUEDDER, Lda., VAT number 513 031 200, with its head office at Edifício AIP – Praça das Indústrias – Piso 3 – S12 – 1300-307 Lisboa, Portugal.

Purpose and scope of application

The current General Conditions of Contract and Usage (the “General Conditions”) are applicable to the Website visitors and to any commercial transaction done on the TUEDDER on-line store, available on the Website.

The navigation on the Website, as well as the purchase of any of the TUEDDER products, implies the acceptance of the current General Conditions by the user client (the “Client”).

TUEDDER reserves the right to amend these General Conditions without prior notice, being any amendments published on the current Website.

The amended General Conditions will be in force as from the moment they are published. When the Client accesses the Website after publication, he shall be deemed to have fully accepted such amendments.

It is advisable to review all applicable terms and conditions on a regular basis in order to identify possible amendments.

Information about contents

The current Website is intended solely for domestic use. The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the Website and its content, without prior written consent, is forbidden for any purpose other than strictly personal.

TUEDDER reserves the right to amend at any moment the information and commercial offer presented on: products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions, services or other.

It is strictly forbidden to insert links on our Website with commercial purposes and without prior authorisation.

In the event of finding links in any other sites that allow you to have access to www.tuedder.com and any other extension of that domain that is duly registered, please note that we do not hold any responsibility regarding the origin of the page or the contents it includes.

The pictures presented in the Website are merely illustrative. Please refer to the product information for details regarding its characteristics.

TUEDDER cannot be held, directly or indirectly, responsible for any information, content, statements or expressions that are included in the texts of the articles sold on the Website. The descriptive contents of the products are the responsibility of the manufacturers and suppliers of the articles concerned.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights on the Website

All elements of the Website www.tuedder.com and any other extension of that domain that is duly registered, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents. They are the exclusive property of the company TUEDDER.

The Website use does not grant the Client any intellectual property right on the Contents accessed. It is not allowed to use any content of the Website, except if authorized by the owner or in circumstances permitted by law.

The current General Conditions do not grant the right to use any of the brands or logos used on our Website, unless there is any exception mentioned by TUEDDER in the current General Conditions of Contract and Usage.


TUEDDER allows the publication of links on the Websites of users and other entities, however, these are not operated or controlled by TUEDDER and therefore, we cannot be held responsible or approve, or by any other way support or subscribe the content of these Websites, or the sites connected with them or therein referred. The usage of these links is under the sole responsibility of the users.

In all cases, any link, even if tacitly authorized, shall be removed with a simple request from the company TUEDDER.


All products sold at TUEDDER are in accordance with the European legislation and are described and presented on the Website with as much accuracy as possible. If, in spite of all our precautions, there are errors on the Website, TUEDDER shall not be held responsible for that fact.

Except in case of warranty or a specific period of time, any operation performed between TUEDDER and its Clients which is not challenged within 6 months, shall not be subject to any claim.

TUEDDER shall not be held responsible for any delays or non-compliance with the contract due to force majeure, namely and among others, disturbance, total or partial strike, postal services and means of transport or communication, flood, fire or war. TUEDDER shall not be held responsible for any indirect damage, operating loss, benefit loss, opportunity loss or fee that may arise from the purchase of any product presented on the Website.

For all the stages of access to the Website, from the ordering process to the delivery or subsequent services, the company TUEDDER only has an obligation of means. The company TUEDDER excludes all warranty and any liability regarding the inconveniences or losses due to the usage of Internet, especially, a service rupture, an exterior intrusion or the existence of computer viruses, or any case of “force majeure”.

TUEDDER declines all liability in case of violation of law of the country where the order is delivered.

It is the Client’s responsibility to check with the local authorities the importing and usage conditions for the products intended to be ordered.

TUEDDER shall not hold any responsibility for the losses caused by interferences, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunction or operating system disconnections that may temporarily prevent the access, navigation or provision of services to the Clients.

Clients and Users Obligations

The Client shall respect and comply with the current general conditions. They undertake, namely, to comply with the following obligations:

1) It is forbidden to introduce, storage or broadcast through the Website any defamatory, obscene, injurious, xenophobic and/or any other type of content which violates the general principles of law and public order;

2) Save and not disclosing the Website login password in order to prevent third parties from accessing their accounts;

3) Not to use fake identities;

4) Provide access to the personal data and correct addresses so that TUEDDER may duly process the order.

TUEDDER shall not be held responsible for an eventual delay or impossibility of order processing, namely at the moment of delivery, due to an error or insufficiency in the data communicated by the Client.

It is expressly forbidden to communicate messages or information which are insulting, deceiving, defamatory, obscene or that violate in any way the third party right to intimacy or intellectual or industrial property, as well as the disclosure of any information that may be damaging to third parties or to the Website owner.

TUEDDER reserves the right to eliminate the account of the user that substantiates any one of these situations.

On-line ordering

In order to purchase on the Website, the Client may be registered as a user, by filling in the available on-line form. After the register is concluded, you only have to insert in the virtual shopping cart all the articles you want to buy. You should follow all the purchase steps so that it is successfully concluded.

The purchase request validation presumes that the Client has taken notice and accepts the current General Conditions of the Website. The data registered by TUEDDER is a proof of the set of transactions made between TUEDDER and the Client. It is TUEDDER‘s responsibility to file the electronic document where the contract is formalised and to keep it accessible.

The on-line entry of the bank card number and the final validation of the request will be a proof, in accordance with the legal provisions, and will allow the eligibility of the amounts that appear in the order slip.

As soon as your purchase is finished, you will receive an email with the transaction data. If the data is not correct, you may immediately request its modification or even the cancellation of the purchase.


The selling prices presented on the Website are in the currency selected by the Website and include VAT at the legal rate in force.

The shipping costs may, or may not, be payable by the Client, depending on the volume and/or value of the order and in accordance with the delivery rules stipulated by TUEDDER, always clearly stated on the Website.

If any product, due to its specificities, has a different type of delivery method, TUEDDER will provide the information related to such situation for Client knowledge.

The products prices and specifications are subject to modifications without prior notice.

In spite of TUEDDER’s efforts, some products may present an incorrect price, reason by which we always check prices when processing the orders.

If the price presented is incorrect, regardless of its cause (computer bug, manual error, technical error, etc.), the order will be annulled, even if it has already been confirmed and the Client duly noticed.


In case of unavailability of product and/or stock-out, the Client will be informed of the partial or total cancellation of the order, having the right to the refund of the amount paid.

TUEDDER respects the orders delivery times as long as there is no irregularity with the available stock.

Delivery Method

All purchases, except if otherwise indicated on the product detail page or by specific indication of TUEDDER to the Client, will be sent upon receipt of payment.

The products are properly packed for delivery, in order to be received in a safe way and in the best possible conditions.

TUEDDER does not make deliveries at post office boxes.

The order will be delivered at the address indicated and confirmed by the Client at the moment of the purchase. The same address will be included in the confirmation e-mail sent to the Client, after the on-line transaction is concluded.

Each expedition is sent with the Waybill.

Shipments destined for countries inside the European Union do not contain an invoice or any other documentation declaring the value of the merchandise. However, on customer request TUDDER may provide the invoice.

All shipments destined for countries outside the European Union, as required by Customs regulations, are accompanied by an invoice declaring the value of the merchandise.

Shipments for Portugal will be sent with the invoice as requested by the Portuguese authorities.

The delivery times are merely indicative, however, TUEDDER makes an effort to collaborate with the most efficient carriers in order to assure the total satisfaction of the Client.

In case an order is not delivered in the specified deadline, we will conduct an investigation to the transportation company for quality control purposes. This procedure may take some days and therefore we ask the Client for his total collaboration at this stage. No refund may be made during this period until the causes for the non delivery are established and the lost of the order is, or is not, confirmed.

The shipping costs are automatically calculated by the system, in accordance with the volume of the order made by the Client. The Client will be informed of the value during the order.

In case the product does not correspond to the original request and/or presents non visible defects, the Client should make its return, within a period of 14 days, for the sender’s address included in the Waybill. Simultaneously, within that same period of 14 days, the Client should notify TUEDDER, by e-mail to the Client Support Services (returns@tuedder.com) duly describing and/or identifying the problem.

Once the Client accepts the order delivered by the transportation company, TUEDDER does not take any responsibility for: (i) possible problems caused by transport, (ii) complaints, refund requests or requests for the replacement of products that present external defects.

The right to return remains valid under the terms set in the law (please see Cancelations, Exchanges and Returns section).

Procedures at the time of delivery:

1) Check if the package is in perfect condition;

2) Open the package asking the transportation company to wait for verification (this is a Client’s right);

3) Determine if the product is in accordance with the request and if it does not present visible defects;

4) In case there is any error on the requested product and/or a visible defect, you should refuse to accept the order and fill in the existing form for this purpose, pointing out the problem;

5) Return the package(s) and all the correspondent content to the transportation company;

6) Send and e-mail within 24 hours, stating the situation to the Client Service (returns@tuedder.com).

If the package is not successfully delivered to the Client’s address due to a lack of cooperation from the Client (wrong telephone number, wrong address, absent at address, non-compliance with import regulations), the package may risk being sent back to TUEDDER Hub at the Client’s expense including any import fees if applicable. These fees will be deducted from any eventual reimbursement.

Secure Payment

By purchasing at the current Website, you agree to proceed to the full payment of that purchase by using one of the methods available on the Website.

You undertake to supply, to the entities responsible for the charge, through the payment methods available at TUEDDER’s Website, true and legally authorised information.

Considering the usage of advanced coding and encrypting methods, TUEDDER does not have any access to the Client’s financial information, being the same treated in a safe way since it is treated in a secure way by the competent entity (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.). The payments are made solely through the payment methods available at the Website, assuring total safety in your purchases, since the information is coded and protected before they are transferred through the Internet.

If applicable, you are responsible for the payment of all the taxes and duties related to the transaction made.

Cancellations, exchanges and returns

With the conditions and exceptions referred to in the current Section, the Client may cancel the order at any moment, until its expedition, being entitled to the refund of all the paid amounts (except transportation costs).

As from the moment the order is received by the Client, the right to free termination may be exerted under the terms of the applicable law – 14 (fourteen) days. For such purpose, the Client shall communicate the intention in writing, by e-mail sent to TUEDDER’s Client Service (returns@tuedder.com). The articles must be returned within 14 days after their reception, in their original package, under penalty of not being accepted.

The return and exchange of products shall have to respect the following conditions:

1) Restitution of the articles in excellent conditions, with the complete original package, together with the correspondent invoice;

2) Articles that have been used are not accepted for exchange;

3) Articles that have been personalised according to Client’s specifications are not accepted for exchange;

4) Articles that are identified on the Website as not exchangeable are not accepted for exchange.

After contacting TUEDDER’s Client Service and having received the return instructions, you can send us the article, duly packaged, with the original packaging for the sender’s address included in the Waybill.

All articles will be verified when arriving. Only those articles respecting the conditions of exchange or return will be accepted for exchange or return.

In case of return of the value: Refunding conditions:

• The refund of the amounts paid will always be made to the same payment method and account used at the moment of the purchase;

• Shipping costs not charged originally will be deducted in the value to be returned to the Client;

• In case of return, the Client shall bear the expenses related to such return, being the amount credited related only to the value of the product, except in the duly assigned cases as the free return;

• In case of return due to product defect, after verification and confirmation by TUEDDER, the refund amount will include the value paid by the goods and the shipping cost initially paid (if this cost has been supported by the client).

Warranty of the Consumer Goods and After-Sales Support

Decree-Law No. 67/2003 of 8 April, as amended by Decree-Law No. 84/2008 of 21 May (establishes certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated warranties, in order to assure the protection of the consumers’ interests).

Warranties are different depending on the type of product, are given by the correspondent manufacturer in accordance with the legislation in force, provided that they are only valid upon presentation of the correspondent purchase invoice.

In case the purchased product presents a defect or malfunctioning, you should report it to the TUEDDER Client Support Service, informing the number of your order and the correspondent description of the malfunctioning.

After being received at TUEDDER premises, the goods will be returned to the representative of the product manufacturer (the “Representative”), so that an adequate technical verification is made and, if any lack of conformity is confirmed, the article will be replaced or repaired in accordance with the Representative’s decision. After resolution, we will make a new shipment for the Client’s address.

It the technical verification detects signs of improper usage and/or any problem that may have caused the malfunctioning of the article, TUEDDER shall not be held responsible for the correspondent repair, replacement or return of the value paid, being the Client dully notified by TUEDDER.

TUEDDER may freely suggest a specialised technical assistance, in order to give the best possible after sales assistance to the Client.

The repair of any article without warranty defects, will only be initiated after acceptance of the quotation by the Client.


The computer records, maintained in the company’s information systems in safety conditions, are deemed to constitute evidence of the communications, orders and payments produced between both parties.

Personal data treatment

In accordance with the legislation on Personal Data Protection, we inform that the treatment of personal data collected on the site www.tuedder.com and on any other extension of that domain that is duly registered, is the responsibility of the company  TUEDDER, Lda., VAT number 513 031 200, with its head office at Edifício AIP – Praça das Indústrias – Piso 3 – S12 – 1300-307 Lisboa – Portugal.

The data collected in this Website is intended to be used for processing orders and communicating with the Clients, processing information requests and possible claims, statistical analysis, as well as direct marketing.

TUEDDER assures the confidentiality of all the data provided by its clients. Notwithstanding that TUEDDER collects and treats data in a safe way, preventing its loss or manipulation, using the most advanced techniques for that purpose, we inform that the collection on an open network allows the circulation of personal data without an absolute safety condition, at the risk of being seen and used by unauthorised third parties.

All Clients have the right to access, correct, cancel and oppose to their data. If at any moment you wish to be removed from TUEDDER‘s database, you may exercise that right through the following means: e-mail, letter or fax.

The Client expressly authorises TUEDDER to send information about the products and services that may be of his interest, using his personal data for direct marketing purposes through any communication channel, namely by using e-mail, SMS, MMS or other forms of automatic call.

TUEDDER will not sale or share its Clients’ database with third parties.

Partial invalidity

In case any provision of these General Conditions is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, it will then be replaced by a valid and feasible provision that is closer to the aim of the original provision, being the remaining provisions still valid.

Entire Agreement

The current General Conditions of Sale constitute the entire agreement without reservations between the parties.

Any legal, regulatory or sentenced modification that might occur and that implies the invalidity or questions the validity or feasibility of any of the sections of the current General Conditions will only be applicable in future situations or in the present case, whether it is one or another and may not, in any case, affect the validity of the transactions already performed.

Applicable law and competent courts

These General Conditions shall be governed in all respects, including their construction, by the laws of Portugal.

It is stipulated, with express waiver of any other, the Court of Lisbon as the sole jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising from the current General Conditions or raised by the interpretation of their sections.

NOTE: in case of any dispute, the Portuguese version of this document will prevail.

The current General Conditions were updated on November 15, 2016.